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Helicer for diffuser




Over the years Intrade A/S has projected and produced a variety of tasks. On the following pages you will be able to read more about our many different projects.


In co-operation with our subsidiary company DSSE A/S equipment for the sugar and sweetener industry is bering produced woldwide.

Steam Boilers
Intrade A/S have built a large steam boiler plant in North Siberia and during the last three years we have been busy implementing and preparing it for production.
The capacity of the plant is 6 x 140 t steam per hour.
Recently we are building steam boilers in co-operation with our subsidiary company Aalborg Engineering A/S

Containerised dairy/slaughterhouse
Intrade A/S have produced a number of containerised dairies and slaughterhouses with various kinds of equipment according to the needs of our customers. These plants are now placed in different parts of Russia.
Look at the specification of the containerised dairy by pushing the link "mini dairy".



In co-operation with our subsidiary DSSE A/S we have just delivered a diffuse for  a sugar factory.
The capacity of the plant: 5000 t beets per 24 hours.
The size of the plant: 39 m Length, 8 m width, 13.5 m Height and the weight is 343 ton.

Intrade Holding was founded in year 2000 for the 4 companies already existing. Mr. Kurt Simson and Mr. Arne Pedersen established Intrade A/S in 1988 as a trading company with expertise within the Russian market.
Intrade A/S represents a system of small scale container type plants for processing of milk.....
Over the years Intrade A/S has projected and produced a variety of tasks...
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