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Mini Dairy -  a system of small scale container

Dairy Container


Inside contaner




Cheese vat

Intrade A/S represents a system of small scale container type plants for processing of milk.


The plants are supplied in complete with all necessary equipment for production of produducts determined by the customer.
The plants are supplied with all outside connection points, which allows the customer to install the plant in 1-2 days.


For the start-up of the plants and training of local personnel, Intrade A/S send it`s specialists. Our plants are delivered directly to the place, the transport is by railway or by truck.


The small plants for processing of milk can be used for farms as well for individual enterprises.


The capacity of such plants: From 500 Kg up to 3 tons of milk per day.
The typical milk plants consits of container type building with sanitary walls and floors. Blocks are insulated and can stand the temperature from +50 to -50 deg. celsius.


The type of equipment in the plants are in accordance with the wishes of the customer and the scope of products.


Typical products to be produced in the plants: Pasteurized milk - cream - cheese(hard and soft) - butter - sour cream - kefir.





1. Handwash
2. Water Heater

3. Steam Generator     
4. Oil Compressor
5. Working Table

6. Batch Pasteurizer

7. Trolley Table


9. Refrigerator  
10. Wardrobe

11. Bench Scale

12. Cooling Tank 

13. Pasteurizer Unit

14. Cheese Vat

15. Vacuum Packer

16. Soft Ice Frezing Unit

17. Laboratory Furniture


Intrade Holding was founded in year 2000 for the 4 companies already existing. Mr. Kurt Simson and Mr. Arne Pedersen established Intrade A/S in 1988 as a trading company with expertise within the Russian market.
Intrade A/S represents a system of small scale container type plants for processing of milk.....
Over the years Intrade A/S has projected and produced a variety of tasks...
Intrade A/S  //  Sverigesvej 12  //  DK-8660 Skanderborg  //  CVR: 12580932  //  Phone: 86 52 56 00  //  Fax: 86 51 10 95  //  E-mail: ap@intrade.dk